TLC Shipping & Storage is a San Diego-based service company experienced in logistics of managing research-grade laboratory supplies.  Advanced Targeting Systems has partnered with TLC to provide:
•  Inventory tracking
•  Storage
•  Packaging
•  Shipping worldwide
TLC Shipping specializes in transportation and logistics for perishable commodities. TLC ships chilled, frozen, and shelf-stable goods to destinations around the world.  Customers can rely on TLC to handle every aspect of packaging and shipping research reagents.  TLC communicates each step of the process with visibility to track and trace every shipment.
TLC Storage provides short and long term temperature-controlled storage for non-hazardous research samples, production batches and products.  Experienced associates manage your inventory from receipt through distribution  TLC provides customers with peace of mind that inventory is well-protected, organized and secure through regular audited inventory reports and updates.

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